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Professional Service.  It's what you expect.

Being your Realtor is all about service.  The Sanner Team goes above and beyond to provide outstanding client services, and we even offer exclusive services found no where else!  Here are just a few of the services that the Sanner Team provides for our sellers.


A written report of the transactions in the neighborhood to identify similar properties that have sold recently and are currently on the market in an effort to determine a realistic price for your property.  You may request a Computerized Marketing Analysis on-line by clicking here.


If you have moved and your home is vacant, Jan will decorate your home with accessories that will add color and soften the "empty" look.  This has been a proven technique that helps reduce the time a vacant house is on the market by giving potential buyers a feel for how the house might look when completely furnished.  This is another exclusive service from the Sanner Team.


The Sanner Team has the skills and photographic tools to create stunning panoramas, making an ordinary room look extraordinary.  In some cases low level aerial photographs may be made of a home's exterior and lot setting. This is especially important when the home has a "setting" that may not be easy to show from the ground level. (Some restrictions apply.)  



The Sanner Team knows that e-commerce is a significant force in the marketing of your home.   We want to be sure your home has world wide marketing exposure.  That is why we market your home on several major e-commerce sites.  In some cases we will have a custom web site created exclusively for your home and place a special web name rider on the yard sign. 


A complete portfolio of information about the city to which you are moving. This can be very helpful in orienting you to the local housing market as well as schools, shopping, transportation, entertainment, and many other things of interest.


A simple and easy-to-understand form that shows the tax advantages of owning a home and the net cost of housing after applying them. It also illustrates the investment potential of home ownership.


Buying a home is a complicated business. Mistakes could cost you thousands of dollars or the missed opportunity of owning the home of your dreams. As a buyer, you are always in competition with all of the other buyers who are looking to buy your dream home. There is a vast difference in the level of expertise and quality of service provided by real estate agents. Give yourself the advantage of working with the Sanner Team and get these value-added services that will make a big difference for you!


A complete home advertising package typically includes print advertising in the Real Estate & Homes Magazine and the Fort Wayne newspapers, mass mailings of picture postcards exclusively featuring your home, and full color home feature sheets to be given to prospective home buyers and to top Realtors in the community. Your home will be advertised on complete with a Visual Tour so it is exposed to thousands of prospective buyers with Internet access. Quality yard signs with a box attached for dispensing home feature sheets are also included in the package.  No other Fort Wayne area Realtor offers a more comprehensive package of advertising.


A report designed to help the homeowner maximize the marketing efforts by improving the condition of the home, "setting the stage" before showings, and knowing what to do when the property is being shown. Video tapes on "staging" your home are available on request.


A detailed and organized method of tracing the basis in a personal residence in order to keep the gain as low as possible. This is especially important if the homeowner moves frequently.


If you purchase one of the Sanner Team's listed homes through her and need to sell your present Fort Wayne home first, you may qualify for the Sanner Team's "guaranteed sale" for your home. Call her for more details at 260-414-1111 or toll free at 877-JAN-SANNER.


Written proposals such as Buyer Qualifications, Financing Plans, 15 year vs. 30 year Mortgages, Adjustable vs. Fixed Rate Mortgages, Rent vs. Buy, Repurchase Analysis, and Amortization Schedules that will help buyers and sellers in the decision making process.

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Effective marketing means quicker sales at or above market value!

Home Analysis

Get an experienced analysis of your home value compared to the market. 

Marketing Design

The Sanner Team has the knowledge and experience to make your home more visually appealing.  


We have the answers for how to sell your home;  over 80 years of combined experience!

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